Honk Jr., 2019



In Introduction to Theatre Courses, Students...

  • Relate and use Theatre terms.
  • Identify and use the 9 basic acting areas.
  • Demonstrate and apply personal responsibility.
  • Develop collaborative skills.
  • Evaluate live theatre productions and provide written critiques.
  • Participate actively as an audience member.
  • Understand and accept direction.
  • Collaborate and execute technical production elements.

​In Advanced Theatre Courses, Students...

  • Expand usage and relation of theatre terms.
  • Identify and apply dramatic elements demonstrate and apply personal responsibility.
  • Demonstrate continuing development of collaborative skills.
  • Expand character development ability through improvisation, sensory awareness, movement and vocal technique.
  • Demonstrate ability to sustain character in performance.
  • Understand and accept direction.
  • Collaborate and execute production technical elements. 
  • Successfully produce a play.


This organization is a troupe of the International Thespian Society, a branch of the educational Theatre Association.

The purpose of this troupe shall be the advancement of standards of excellence in the theatre. More specifically, the troupe shall encourage students to attain a better mastery of the theater arts.

The organization forbids secrecy; membership is given as recognition for meritorious work in the theatre arts.